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Sensei Jordan Reiter

Sensei Roy Moscoso

Jordan has been studying Martial Arts since 2004, and throughout this has acquired strength in both Japanese and Chinese martial arts styles. She began her journey studying Contemporary Martial Arts under Sigung Dale Lee of Jing Ying Martial Arts in Edmonton, AB. After moving to Calgary in 2015, Jordan continued her Martial Arts journey learning and teaching Shotokan Karate and Contemporary Weapons at 5 Elements Martial Arts. In January 2019, Jordan and Roy collaborated to form Lucid Martial Arts : a school that  honors traditional practices while blending performing and martial arts. 

Jordan is very passionate about empty hand and weapons katas (routines) and has competed in a number of national and  international competitions. She has studied a variety of showcase weapons including Bo Staff, Double Nunchaku and Katana. She loves sharing this passion and creativity with her students during the weapons and demonstration classes at Lucid.

Alongside Martial Arts techniques, Jordan enjoys incorporating elements of mind/ body awareness within the programs. She is an active member of the Alberta Fitness Leadership Association, and intends for each student to learn basic anatomy and a general understanding of the relationship between one's  physical and mental well-being.

Roy began studying Martial Arts in 2007 in Calgary AB, and in recent years, he has earned his Second Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. His passion for Martial Arts has been reflected by his Gold, Silver and Bronze accomplishments in several local, provincial, and national competitions. Roy also has been designated to be part of national judging teams.

Roy's experience in both the Performing  and Martial Arts has inspired him to create new programs that he is excited to implement into this school, LUCID. He is looking forward to organizing specialty programs geared towards groups such as the Visually Impaired.

Sharing his knowledge is very important for Roy. As part of his journey, he has been trained in Traditional and Contemporary Martial Arts, which he is very excited to bring to his new school and share with the community.


Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification

  • Group Fitness & Portable Equipment Certification

  • Ever Active Kids Fitness Certification

CPR Level C and First Aid Certification 

Martial Arts National Champion 

Martial Arts World Medalist 


Second Degree Black Belt 

CPR Level C and First Aid Certification

National Champion

Bilingual (English and Spanish)


Available for private lessons for current students only


Available for private lessons

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